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Every machine owner has an ID#. In order to purchase a filter, you must insert your User or Distributor ID Number.
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It is VERY IMPORTANT to choose the right filter! Open the filter door to verify whether you have the Original Model Filter, or the NEW HG-N Filter.

Original Model (HG)
New Model (HG-N)

NOTE: Make sure to press the reset switch to activate the microcomputer when you put in a new filter.

Internal Filter Replacement

Your enclosed internal filter in the machine usually needs to be replaced every 12 months or after production of 3,000 gallons (or every 6-months if you have a poor tap water quality.)

Be sure when you are
replacing the filter that there is only one set of small black rings being used. If you double up by mistake, it will leak. After each filter change press the reset button inside the filter compartment

This internal filter is $120.00 to replace, Click to Order Filter.

All filters and replacement cartridges can all be ordered from Enagic directly Click Supplies.


Add pre-filtration, if you have hard water or water with excess minerals.

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Pre-Filters from Enagic
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Hard Water Recommend Filters

Another Source for Pre-Filters:
Todays Water
Lloyd Sosa 210-378-7700
BOERNE, TX 78006


Do you have Reverse Osmosis filtration or Well water?
All ionizers are incompatible with Reverse Osmosis Water and may be incompatible with
well water.

Reverse Osmosis is a process that removes everything from water including healthy minerals, leaving you with dead water. Therefore there are none of the minerals that are needed to ionize water. You will have to use your calcium cartridge. If you have well water, the Enagic machine may require additional filtration either becaue the water is very acidic, contains carbon acidic gas, or both.

DO NOT use Reverse Osmosis water with any Enagic product, because ionization relies on mineral content in the water, and Reverse Osmosis removes all minerals from source water.

Click Here for Well Water Info.

Call Enagic for more information regarding Reverse Osmosis or Well Water. 1-866-261-9500..

Tips To Remember For Operating Your Machine:

1) Each time you use the machine for the first time that day, run 6.0 Beauty Water for two minutes, then switch back to your drinking water setting and run it for an additional minute. That just cleans a bit and keeps the water as pure as possible after sitting overnight.

2) The machine has its own Self-Cleaning cycle. This cycle occur after every 15 gallons of water use; it will occur after 15 minutes of continuous water production; it will also occur after every 2.5 Sanitary Water production. It will say "Notice of Cleaning" and all you have to do is turn the water on and let it run through at your regular drinking water setting, and then it will notify you when it finishes the 30 second cleaning cycle. This self-cleaning cycle is different than the intensive cleaning that you do with the enclosed cleaning cartridge, which needs to be done every few months.

3) Anytime the machine produces a beeping noise while the water is being produced, it means that the setting you are on is not generally for drinking. It will do this for 6.0 Beauty Water, 2.5 Sanitary Water and during its Self-Cleaning Cycle.

4) Your machine has a digital display and a voice prompt. You can adjust the volume of the voice prompt by simply holding the Kangen button when the machine is off until the display window gives you the options for volume.

Keeping Your Machine in Tip Top Shape!

Deep cleaning your machine is important to the life of the machine. Your machine comes with a E-Cleaner cleaning cartridge that is about 1/4 the size and fits into the same place as the internal filter. Once every 1-2 weeks, you should use the cleaning cartridge, following the directions that are included inside the cartridge box. The more water you produce, the more often and sooner you may need to clean your machine.

If you notice the flow from your flexible hose becoming restricted, then it's time to use the E-Cleaner. We also recommend leaving the cleaning cartridge in the machine overnight for optimal results.

Enagic also provides a thorough internal cleaning of the plates where the machine is taken apart by hand and inspected, cleaned and reassembled for only $35.00. This can help to remove excessive calcium buildup that occurs on the plates and is necessary should you experience a significant reduction in the water flow from the flexible hose.

Enagic has amazing service and an ironclad warranty. If you have ANY problems with the machine during its 5 year warranty, you simply call the company and let them know. Many times they will be able to talk you through a solution over the phone. Perhaps you may need a new part which they can send out to you for a quick and simple fix.

Enagic Machine Repair
If all else fails, you will have to send them the machine for repair. Occasionally they can provide you with a loaner unit to use while yours is being repaired. Once your unit is fixed, they will send it back to you with a report of the repairs done (at no cost), and then you use an enclosed prepaid label to send the loaner unit back. They give you ten days to ship back the loaner unit or they will charge your credit card $3.00 per day rental fee.

I just changed the filter and now the machine is leaking?
This is usually caused by having failed to include an O ring on the filter cartridge before installing. Turn the nozzle to the remove position, and pull the filter out. Check that there is only one O-ring in each hole. If there are more than two rings on a hole, it will leak.

I'm confused about changing the filter?
Normally the machine will notify you when it is time to change the filter, generally after 3,000 gallons of water has been produced. However, if you have reached a year and you have not received a signal to replace your filter we recommend you change the filter at that time. You can always use chlorine testing drops and Clean Water to see if chlorine is still effectively being removed from the source water. Remember to hit the reset button after changing the filter so that the machine recognizes a new filter has been put in and starts the count over. Sometimes the machine may alert you to change the filter, but you may not have had the filter that long. Use the chlorine testing drops with Clean Water to see if the filter is still filtering out chlorine. If it is, simply hit the filter reset button to stop the alert and remember to check for chlorine periodically.

My machine is stuck on the cleaning cycle?
Whenever your machine gets stuck on a cleaning cycle, it is very possible you may have calcium build up inside. When this happens, the first step will be to turn the water on and see if it eventually goes away. If the signal does not go away, and if you have done your cleanings with E-Cleaner regularly, we recommend that you send it in to the Service Department to have it examined.

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SD501 Specs

Filter System: Single, high grade, granulated antibacterial activated charcoal, calcium sulfite, mechanical filter, takes out things like chloroform, fluoride, nitrate, barium and chlorine
• Residual chlorine removal: Total water flow: 1,500 gallons
• Initial chlorine removal: 95% or greater
•Filter Change Message: LCD screen
•Filter Life: 1,500 - 3,000 Gallons, 6-12 months

Automatic cleaning - after you use strong acid or alkaline, run the water and it cleans and flushes out the plates. It takes only seconds. Has a cleaning cartridge that should be used every 1-2 weeks.

Electrolysis Enhancer
* Produces approx. 1.0-1.3 gallons of Strong Acidic water.
Electrolysis Capability (Approx. 30 minutes of continuous use)

SD501 Specifications
Water Filtering Specifications

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